Accounting Customer Portal

Run my Accounts AG | 2016-2019

We built a new customer (and internal) portal from scratch using Angular 2 - 6. At the time we started out there were not many UI-libraries available, so we developed most of the components ourselves, including tables, tabs, inputs, dropdowns, wizards and many more.
Tech stack: Angular, TypeScript, RxJs, Bootstrap, Webpack

My main responsibilities:

  • develop solutions for complex problems / needs like state management, an internal document processing UI, guards and authentication handling, web-integration in mobile app
  • code reviews
  • mentoring of other team members, RxJS in particular
  • UI- and UX-Design for web and mobile
  • evaluation of libraries and frameworks to use
  • introducing a Web-CI ("storybook")
Dashboard with essential financial information
A few of our in-house developed UI components
Wizard for the registration process
Responsive mobile view of our table with actions on each row