Monsterdeals Marketing Campaign

Dealini AG | 2013

At dealini we needed to build a responsive web application for the Monsterdeals marketing campaign for our client Valora (kkiosk). People would get actual cards at the counter which they had to collect to get a certain discount or gift. So they could enter the codes of their cards in either our mobile or web app.

We evaluated the upcoming SPA frameworks available at the time and went for the google backed AngularJS-framework. Other technologies we used in our stack were Bootstrap, Grunt, Yeoman.

Fully responsive main page with links to the app stores, immediate code input field and a grid view of the most prestigious deals to get.
Searchable deals page with accordion categories.
Card collection page showing how many of the 4 cards for each deal we have collected. The duplicates could be traded in the mobile app.
A 3D browser game which I developed for our campaign customers to compete online.